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My goal as a teacher is to create a child centered learning environment where students feel safe, excited & curious to explore, and are confident to express their thoughts and ideas.
Because I teach at a Catholic school, I value the faith that is woven into the curriculum each day. The values of living the gospel through sharing, caring, listening, trusting and being honest. I am committed to using educational activities & resources that support these values.

I am committed to the ministry of teaching & specifically at a Catholic school. I believe it is a partnership between parents and educators. In my eyes, parents are the first educators of their child. As a result, I hope to develop a close & trusting relationship with parents to teach their child, strengthen their learning needs and foster new opportunities for growth and learning. Because each family is unique, I will be respectful and sensitive to their values, circumstances and incorporate this while teaching their child.

I am thankful to my parents for giving me the greatest gift, my faith and love for God. God's love gives me strength and the desire to share and live my Catholic faith with others. I am blessed that God has called me to be an educator at St. Mary Magdalen School. I believe children are blessed with their own unique talents and ability to learn. These gifts should be embraced & celebrated! As their teacher, I will strive tot build their faith & love for God, self-esteem, and friendships. I hope to instill a love of God & learning in each child that they will carry with them throughout their life